night said to me:

they say that people shrivel up
because they have an imagination.
So, don't imagine anything,
you'll become brave as hell.


part III (a colour tribute)

Τι μας εκανε αυτο που ειμαστε
Και τι εκανε καποιους να μας εκμεταλλευονται
 Τι μας κανει να ανατριχιαζουμε με κατι
η να το μισουμε.
Ναι οκ,παιζει πολυ το υποσυνειδητο,
αλλα για μενα παει αλλου το θεμα.
Desire for Love
και Lack of love.
το ποσο αγαπησες,
ηθελες να αγαπησεις
και γουσταρες να αγαπηθεις.
αυτο για μενα μας εκανε να αισθανομαστε
και να νιωθουμε
και εν τελει
αυτο θα μας κανει και να ενωθουμε
και για να κλεισει,
με ρωτησαν καποτε:
"και τι ειναι αυτο που ονομαζεις αγαπη εσυ και μιλας αυτο?"
απαντησα με το παρακατω κομματι

 Colour Haze~
I sit myself high upon a mountain top an d I look far, far across the hills
I'm so loaded, man, so deep and full, with all the love and all that is real
We gotta cry out and reach out and turn our twisted minds
And feel the connection that is between you and all that is alive

To be with the smallest and biggest without fear and without pride
I went through the chappel of dangers a few hundred times
And I had to work so hard to keep my love and intuition
And not to loose my guts and not to loose my mind
I reach out, a step foeward, I stumble and I fall
All my greed and longing wasn't for the real at all

So reach out, reach out, get a hand brothers and sisters
Grow on your kindness, love harmony and peace
Empty yourselves of everything, gain in loosing, thriving your freedom
I tried, but I'm sure you will

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