night said to me:

they say that people shrivel up
because they have an imagination.
So, don't imagine anything,
you'll become brave as hell.


22:44 trip

Nine Feet UnderGround
- Nigel blows a tune
- Love's a friend
- Make it 76
- Dance of the seven paper hankies
- Hold grandad by the nose
- Honest I did!
- Disassociation
- 100% proof

Το συνολο των κομματιων που ακουγονται στο  ενα αυτο κομματι.
βροχος στον βροχο.
Playlist απο μονο του.
και να σκεφτει κανεις οτι δεν ειχε μονο αυτο το cd.
Caravan-In the Land of Grey And Pink

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