night said to me:

they say that people shrivel up
because they have an imagination.
So, don't imagine anything,
you'll become brave as hell.


Voice of Lebanon

Omar Khorshid~
Kiss Of Fire
Τι να λεμε παλι.
Προσφατα επεσα πανω του
και μου εκανε εντυπωση.

αυτα απο το site
"like many houses in the past , the piano was a part of furniture
that's when the ears of young omar
recognized the first sound of an instrument ..
he tried to do anything on the piano 
and he amazed his father
when managed to play the piano without a music sheet...
that encouraged his father
to promise omar with a guitar
if he passed the exams with success
which it's happend and omar got his first guitar...
the guitar took so much time from omar studies and the result
was a bad marks that
made his father take away the guitar and smash it.
despite he comes from a wealthy family  omar couldn't buy
a guitar at his early  teen years ,even with his savings ,...
he managed to convince a music shop to sell him guitar and pay
a certain amount each month.....
omar went well in his studies but his ethsiusim to learn the guitar
made him join a private institute of music in cairo downtown  ,
and his teacher was a greek..."

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