night said to me:

they say that people shrivel up
because they have an imagination.
So, don't imagine anything,
you'll become brave as hell.


καλή σας νύχτα

My Heroics, Part One ~ Absynthe Minded
you ll scream
and bitch
and stuff for which,
i ll be fine
cause every day we wake up
i ll pour rain for the flowers
you see when you come home

χεστο,απλα άκου το


Oh oh at the Vegetable Rumble tonight

Wigwam ~ The Vegetable Rumble

An' they'll be strippin' down the walls
tearin' up the pumps
re-locating all the cups and plates
dislocatin' shoulders
heavin' piles of boulders
through the windows
with big iron crates



Danças Ocultas — Luz Azul

a purple accordion
and an empty bottle of you.
looking and laughing.
walking andgetting away
the light of an unknown land
speaks to me now.
Calling me to leave
and get you
to kill you
and forget myself doing it.


A Pink Mist

Ten thousand words in a cardboard box

Thousand colourful shadows dancing round my head
Rejoicing to the waking of the dead
Dancing to the beat of a skinless
While the deaf man sings along with the dumb

Blind man seeing where you cannot look
And the sinnerman reading from the holy book
The hounds and the horses chased by the fox
Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box

John Charles Alder embrased Islam six years ago and changed his name to Mohammed Abdullah