night said to me:

they say that people shrivel up
because they have an imagination.
So, don't imagine anything,
you'll become brave as hell.


a special one

Witch ~
Strange Dream

we are born with sight
and we look around
and the surroundings will  look at us
and we will see
and we will be seen
but there  ll  be a  time
when we will finally see
if not me
if not us
we will see
someone looking at us
by that glass
and then we ll know.
its me its you
its me AND you
and us 
that ll break  that  glass
and then 
then without it
we ll see
(yeah it is difficult)

it ll start with a color
that feeling
thee letter
and the f sentence
and then life
and energy
and then we ll be human
song by mar

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